One in 20 Britons think Holocaust didn’t happen

Holocaust Memorial Day this year coincided with shocking survey findings. Of the 2,000 people interviewed by the Holocaust Memorial Trust, 64% didn’t know how many Jews were murdered or thought that the figure of six million deaths is grossly exaggerated.  One in 20 – 5% of UK adults – think it didn’t happen at all.


UCL study confirms truths about family breakdown

A new study confirms that children who experience family breakdown are more likely to experience emotional and behavioural problems than children whose biological parents remained together.


Male patients to share female wards on NHS

In NHS hospitals around England, men who self-identify as women (even if they have not had a sex-change operation) will be treated as women, including being allowed a place on female-only wards.


Royal College of Physicians pushes for euthanasia

The RCP is requiring a two-thirds majority vote from its members in order to prevent the proposed shift in policy towards a more liberal position on ‘assisted dying’.


Bill to cut Palestinian funding passes first hearing

The bill, introduced by Labour’s Joan Ryan and Dame Louise Casey on 8 January, would significantly reduce the amount Britain gives to the Palestinian Authority due to its incitement to terror through its school textbooks.

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