Why we need to say ‘SORRY’ for nearly 10 MILLION missing Britons

By Lynda Rose

In the last 50 years, almost ten million unborn babies in England and Wales have been aborted without cause.

This sombre anniversary will get little or no publicity and certainly not a grand service with royalty in attendance.

One in four conceptions now ends in abortion.  Globally, the leading cause of death in 2019 was abortion.

Britain alone is ‘terminating’ 4,000 pregnancies per week.

So we have to ask: is this one of the reasons Covid and the draconian measures implemented by governments worldwide have been hurting millions across the earth? Is the blood of the innocent crying out from the ground to God?

The lost unborn

As we prepare to remember and celebrate the birth of our Lord, Voice for Justice UK (VfJUK) has issued a call to the Church to repent.

Followers of the Way, the online service started by VfJUK, is to hold a memorial service for the lost unborn – a service that they hope, over the next year, will be taken up by churches of all denominations across the land.

This act of repentance will, at the same time, demonstrate God’s love, forgiveness, and healing for those who now bitterly regret their decision.

Where we are now

Technically, under English law, abortion still remains illegal–permitted up to 23 weeks and six days only where two medical practitioners agree that having the baby would pose a greater risk to the physical or mental health of the woman than a termination.

After that date, abortion is allowed only

• if the woman’s life is in danger

• there is a ‘severe’ foetal abnormality

• the woman is at risk of grave physical and mental injury

Covid, climate change, the financial collapse of world markets, increasing inter-state aggressions … all are signs of the withdrawal of God’s protection and should send us to our knees in remorse

In practice, this means that in the UK we have virtual abortion on demand, yet for abortion campaigners this still isn’t enough, and the push now is for abortion on request and up to term, without having to provide a reason.

It is part of a wider move to decriminalise abortion entirely, already seen in the push during lockdown to allow so-called DIY abortion, where, following a phone conversation with a medical practitioner at the abortion clinic, women could be sent the pills by post.

12,000 women – one in 17 using pills-by-post – have required hospital treatment for complications

Although the measure was said at the time to be temporary, activists hailed this as a significant advance and began immediately pushing to have the measure made permanent, pointing out the benefits of being able to take the pills in a home environment, apparently safe from infection and without stress.

The truth is rather different. Since telemedicine was approved in England and Wales in 2020, a massive 12,000 women – one in 17 using pills-by-post – have required hospital treatment for complications


Unwanted for ‘social reasons’

Heidi Carter
Campaigner Heidi Crowter (her married name is Carter) has not given up the fight to prevent disabled or Down’s Syndrome babies being aborted, despite the High Court failing to back her case  – photo from Jay Crowter

While most babies that suffer termination are aborted for ‘social reasons’, simply meaning they are unwanted, disabled babies face an even greater threat.  All foetuses known to be suffering from disability – even cleft palate – are at risk.

Down’s Syndrome campaigner Heidi Crowter has challenged this discriminatory and offensive policy that judges “less than perfect” life not worth living, but has so far made little headway, with the High Court rejecting her case in October.


Killing off the human race

To put this in some kind of perspective, in the UK alone, over the last half century we have legally killed around 14% of the population; equivalent to killing the entire population of Austria.

All foetuses known to be suffering from disability – even cleft palate – are at risk

We call this a human right, but the truth is that abortion harms not just the unborn baby, but also the mother, and society as a whole.  In our recent book, ‘Missing Millions – how abortion is harming us all’, VfJUK  examined not just recent medical advances resulting in babies surviving from 21 weeks’ gestation – well below the current time limit of 24 weeks – but also the theological position, society’s approach to the disabled, and, perhaps most important of all, the wider effects on all of society.

The unpalatable truth is that one in four pregnancies now ends in abortion, with the result that many countries are failing to achieve even minimum replacement levels for their population. We are literally killing off the human race.

Withdrawal of God’s protection

Covid, climate change, the financial collapse of world markets, increasing inter-state aggressions … all are signs of the withdrawal of God’s protection and should send us to our knees in remorse.

Without repentance, there is far worse to come.  If we are to have any chance of averting the disaster that lies ahead – infinitely more terrible than anything we have seen before – we need urgently to repent and amend our ways.

Rev Lynda Rose is editor of ‘Missing Millions – how abortion is harming us all’, an in-depth examination of abortion in the UK today.  Contributors include Professor John Wyatt, Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics, and previously Professor of Ethics & Perinatology, at University College London; Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, formerly Bishop of Rochester and now President of the Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue (OXTRAD); Robert S Harris, Strategy Director for VfJUK; and Lynda Rose, priest and former barrister, now CEO of VfJUK.  It is available from the VfJUK website, price £7.99 plus postage:


Join us in our call to the nation to repent

Invitation to Missing Millions memorial service

Rev Lynda Rose
Rev Lynda Rose, CEO of Voice for Justice UK

On the first Sunday in Advent, 28 November, as we prepare to welcome the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, Followers of the Way will hold a memorial service for the Missing Millions of unborn, denied the chance of life through abortion.

We shall pay tribute to the millions of lost unborn – whose contributions to society have been lost forever – crying out in repentance to God, and proclaiming his forgiveness, release, and love to those bearing the pain of loss and remorse.

Join our online service of ‘remembrance, repentance, reconciliation, and healing’

Sunday, 28 November at 10.30am 

Followers of the Way is an online community meeting held by VfJUK. To register and be sent the link to join, please email: fotw@vfjuk.org

This is designed to be the first of such services to be rolled out across the Church for general use next year, supported by service sheet and prayer suggestions.

We hope that other groups and churches across Britain will also see the need to hold Missing Millions Memorial Services.

Two 2021 prophetic messages from respected ministers give the same warning

Embryo alive in the uterus 6 weeks after fertilisation
Embryo alive in the uterus 6 weeks after fertilisation – Copyright holder www.abortionNO.org

The everyday slaughter of the innocents continues, seemingly unabated. But the question remains as to how long God’s tolerance will last. He is speaking to those with ears to hear as in these prophecies below.

“I listen in vain for voices of repentance”

Firstly the prophetic word (slightly abridged) received by David Noakes in January 2021) tells us what we must do:

Beloved, I have spoken before, but how many have listened? Yet now I speak again to those who have ears to hear, who call themselves by my Name. Your nation is in great trouble and your national life is in disorder and ruins. Yet I listen in vain for voices of repentance.

There is anguish over the tens of thousands who have perished in the scourge of sickness which I have allowed to come upon you; yet hardly a thought is given to the millions of my unborn children whom I have created in the womb but whom you have killed before they have even come to the birth. Your nation is polluted with their innocent blood, yet you continue and even increase this unabated slaughter.

I honour those who strive to bring comfort and healing to those who are sick. I suffer with them in their exhaustion and despair; I weep with those who endure bereavement and separation and loneliness. I long to bring relief in the midst of this suffering.

Where are your national church leaders in this hour of crisis? Where are those who have authority to counsel a call for the nation to turn to me and cry out for salvation in your helplessness? Where are those who style themselves with titles of leadership and wear robes of office, to whom your Queen may look for godly counsel?

Embryo alive in the uterus 7 weeks after fertilisation
Embryo alive in the uterus 7 weeks after fertilisation – Copyright holder www.abortionNO.org

Pray that they will have courage to speak my word and call your nation back to righteousness. For if there is no repentance and turning to me, increasing disaster will come upon the nation. Sickness will continue and increase, natural disasters will multiply, your economy will collapse beyond recovery, and your enemies will rub their hands and take advantage of your utter helplessness.

My heart is in anguish for you, for I have loved your nation and I desire to show mercy and to bless you once again. I desire to restore my hand of protection to you, but not unless you will turn back to honouring me and repent of your sin of blood-guiltiness.

Will you not, even at this late hour, turn back to me and be saved, for I long to show you my mercy and I shrink from allowing the terrible judgements which otherwise you will bring upon yourselves, reaping the results of all that you have sown.

“I am mercy, but this slaughter must stop!”

Secondly, as heard by Kathleen Mitchell in October 2021 during a 40-day fast (and abridged here), God wants to defeat the “wicked takeover” of our world, but is waiting to hear our heartfelt prayer over “slaughter of his little ones”:

The hour has come. It has arrived as you have requested.

The war against this wicked takeover of your world has now come to the edge of its fullness.

Foetus alive in the uterus 8 weeks after fertilisation
Foetus alive in the uterus 8 weeks after fertilisation – Copyright holder www.abortionNO.org

How long will I delay in striking the definitive blow? You have a role to play in that timing.

Know this: know that LIFE is a key issue at stake in this battle. For too many years, you have ignored the slaughter of my little ones in the womb. You brushed off their suffering, and were content to believe the lies; reporting that these creations were merely collections of human tissue in the womb, and not yet living beings.

LIFE is a key issue at stake in this battle

WRONG! From the moment that two parent cells join, I trigger life to bloom by divine spark…

Your complacency, in regard to these little lives in the womb, has literally fed the beasts, who now seek to control your world and to depopulate it.

These little collections of human tissue are MY CREATION … MY little ones! Through abortion, you have given permission for the spirit of death to enter into your societies; so, death is what you have reaped throughout your world.

Are rights and liberties now a concern for you, after so many years of unconcern for the rights and liberties of life for the unborn?

I am love. I am rich in forgiveness. I hate evil. I am mercy, but this slaughter MUST STOP!

Pray for this revelation to be poured out into the hearts and minds of the people. Pray for their eyes to see the horror of the slaughter, and the utter horror of the profiteering from this slaughter.

Foetus alive in the uterus 9 weeks after fertilisation
Foetus alive in the uterus 9 weeks after fertilisation – Copyright holder www.abortionNO.org

Who will rend their garments and travail until the revelation is realised?

The clock is ticking, little ones. My mercy has been extended.

You must be voices for those who do not yet have a voice from within the womb

Speak out the truth and pay the price for it. Do not allow the lying voices of evil to prevail over yours. I will be standing with you … empowering you and supporting you.

You must be voices for those who do not yet have a voice from within the womb. There is no more delay.

NB We do not usually capitalise words, but here we have followed the layout received as the capitals are intended to convey the vehemence that was impressed upon the hearer

The link between Covid and abortion

By Brenda Taylor

Roy and Brenda Taylor
Roy and Brenda Taylor lead a Cornwall congregation; Brenda also co-ordinates the Operation Breakthrough prayer team and hosts a weekly Zoom with guest speakers: see www.dovetailshalom.co.uk
Foetus alive in the uterus 10 weeks after fertilisation
Foetus alive in the uterus 10 weeks after fertilisation – Copyright holder www.abortionNO.org

One thing, historically, that tips the bowls of judgement, is the shedding of innocent blood, and in particular of babies.

God expresses his heart over this so many times in Scripture; eg Jeremiah 7:30-34.  To be righteous, he has no choice but to judge our actions – yet he continues to warn us to allow for repentance.

Currently the UK’s death toll of unborn babies is almost ten million! The count for America is 66 million! Israel has had its own holocaust of two million!

Worldwide, the total number of abortions tops ONE BILLION!

No wonder we are experiencing judgement, and the Lord is calling his Church to cry out in repentance. No other generation has had so much blood on its hands.

Covid has been challenging, but as an allowed judgement needs to be treated spiritually.

The links between abortion and Covid are clearly seen in these facts that Jonathan Cahn published in his book ‘Harbinger 2’ (p219 and 223):

  1. In America, abortion was legalised in 1973 (Roe v Wade), though New York led the way three years earlier, on 22 January 1970 (Governor Nelson A Rockefeller signed a bill repealing the state’s 1830 law that banned abortion after quickening except to save a woman’s life. Similar laws were passed in other states, including Washington).
  2. Not content with that, Roe v Wade was exceeded by a bill to legalise abortion up to birth. When the bill was passed on 22 January 2019, people cheered!
  3. Both bills were passed on the same date, 22 January. So maybe it isn’t surprising that ‘Patient Zero’ was identified in Seattle on 22 January 2020, which was the 50th anniversary of legalising abortion, and the first anniversary of allowing abortion up to birth. This law blurred abortion and infanticide.
Foetus alive in the uterus 11 weeks after fertilisation
Foetus alive in the uterus 11 weeks after fertilisation – Copyright holder www.abortionNO.org

No wonder we are experiencing judgement

Thus we see the virus officially arrive on the jubilee of legalised abortion. We cannot remain quiet. The Lord promises his healing where there is repentance (2 Chronicles 7:13-14), so let’s be his voice in this season, as well as for the missing millions.

The latest ‘abortion up to birth’ law is being challenged on 1 December by Mississippi’s Attorney General at the Supreme Court. On 2 September the Supreme Court refused to ban the Texas law on banning abortions after the heartbeat can be detected.

“You formed my inward parts; you covered me in my mother’s womb … I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made … My frame was not hidden from you, when I was made in secret … Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in your book … were written the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.”  From David’s Psalm 139:13-16

It has been said that if Jesus had been conceived in our day, he might not have made it to birth as the circumstances were so scandalous. It took a supernatural dream to persuade Joseph to take Mary as his wife. Only God knows all the missing people who will never have lived, loved and perhaps have invented cures for mankind’s ills.

The real crisis we are in

By Dave Brennan

Dave Brennan of Brephos
Dave Brennan of pro-life group Brephos

There is a desperate need for true repentance to be poured out on the UK Church by the Spirit of God with regard to abortion.

This needs to happen at two levels.

Firstly, those who have had, encouraged, or facilitated abortions need to confess their sins of commission and receive forgiveness.

Secondly, those who have turned a blind eye and failed to be a voice for the voiceless – tolerating mass child sacrifice, the shedding of innocent blood on our watch and in our land – need to confess their sins of omission and receive forgiveness.

One of the things we are being judged for is child sacrifice

The idea that the vaccine is a gift or our ‘way out’ of this crisis is deeply mistaken: for one thing, the real crisis we are in is that we’re under judgement, and one of the things we are being judged for is child sacrifice. How could the vaccine, which itself is produced with the fruit of child sacrifice (foetal cell lines), be God’s way out of judgement for child sacrifice?”

The promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14 is conditional. For too long we have refused to turn from our wicked ways. Why then should we expect God to do his part and heal our land?

Embryo alive in the uterus six
weeks following fertilisation

Copyright holder www.abortionNO.org

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