David Young
Quarantine survivor: David Young at the airport

Filmmaker David Young made the best of his two-week ‘quarantine’ when he visited the UK this August.

A planned one-week visit had to stretch to three weeks to include two weeks’ mandatory ‘quarantine’ because David flew in from Mallorca, where he and his wife are part of a lively international church. He divides his time between Palma and the UK.

Dauntless David used the time to hole up with composer and pianist Grenville Richard Harding where they filmed live worship sessions. David then used his film editing skills to turn them into short, downloadable sessions for groups and individuals. The new venture, Front Room Worship, goes live in early October, and no doubt David will return to film more, but hopes it will be less restricted. His only recreation was taking walks in the Surrey countryside and he told HEART, “Apart from Grenville, the only person I saw was a farmer who spotted that I wasn’t from those parts!”