A BABY GIRL is the latest victim of the freezing weather gripping thousands of Christians trapped in refugee camps after fleeing from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Layla was just two months old when she died surrounded by her grieving Kurdish family, originally from Kobani in Syria.

The death toll is rising for the refugees who fled execution threats by Islamists and now live in tents vulnerable to dropping temperatures, ice-blast winds and flooding from heavy rain. Countless babies are reported to be sick and youngsters are walking around wearing sandals because there are no shoes. A four-year-old boy has also recently died in the harsh environment.

A pastor, who did not want to be named, said nominal believers were finding it very hard. He said that true followers of Jesus, however, knew that God the Father was looking after them, despite the hardships.

“Today we have trust in the Lord more than ever,” the pastor said. “The Lord did not leave us.”

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