Creation Ministries International
Hosted by Pastor Tim Buckley, Shoreham Free Church, 7 June

by Chris McCanna

HOW MANY OF US form our beliefs from prevailing opinions without investigating for ourselves? Not so KJ Duursma, whose brilliant talk addressed evidence from three sources that substantiate the global flood, covering its history, geology and the fossil record.

Practically every people-group has its own ancient flood stories involving a boat – bizarre unless the global flood really happened. Furthermore, a secular study has shown that the ark as detailed in the Bible was quite large enough to house all the animals and fodder.

One intriguing geological anomaly is the folding of rock strata. Considering that geologists hold that each stratum is laid down over long periods, how do they account for the folds that are found, e.g. Rainbow Basin near Barstow, California (see image)? When rocks become hard they don’t fold, they crack. The whole stratum can only be folded when all the layers are pliable – indicating that the whole stratum was formed over a short period of time.

The very presence of fossils existing in every continent is indicative of a global flood. Animals do not die, sink to the bottom of the sea/lake and get buried. They decompose. Only the sudden entrapment in mud/silt will result in a fossil.

Chris McCanna

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