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HEART newspaper: Heart Publications | October 20, 2017

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The God of Israel rules

October 4, 2017 |

Seventy years on, the Dead Sea Scrolls still testify to the Bible’s divine authorship

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By Charles Gardner

The threats of the North Korean dictator are frightening indeed, and could well ignite a nuclear war, but they are part of a bigger picture of worldwide rebellion against the God of creation. On a more specific front, they’re a smokescreen for a potential Armageddon in the Middle East as Russian-backed Iran and its allies move dangerously close to Israel’s borders. Read More

At risk: West Bank converts

July 27, 2017 |

“I didn’t choose to be a Muslim…”
Meeting a secret believer

by Julia Fisher

Julia Fisher’s visits to the Holy Land are not the usual pilgrimage 

Julia Fisher’s visits to the Holy Land are not the usual pilgrimage

As a broadcast journalist, for almost 20 years I have travelled frequently to Israel to record the stories of both Jewish and Arab/Palestinian believers, so Christians in the West can hear news of what God is doing despite political tensions in the region.

Recently I was taken to meet ‘A’, a recent convert from Islam. My friend, who lives in the area, understands the precautions necessary when arranging such sensitive and dangerous rendezvous. We cautiously drove to an area of ‘no man’s land’, pulled into the side of the road and ‘A’ slipped into the back of the car. We drove off thankfully; nobody had noticed and we weren’t being followed. Read More

It’s time to back Israel

July 27, 2017 |

Police holding the line against a sea of anti-Israel marchers
Picture: Christians United for Israel

Gardner's world

Disaster awaits if we don’t stand with the Jewish nation

As Londoners are left reeling with shock at a succession of terrible tragedies, angry residents and pundits inevitably start looking for someone to blame.

At the rally following London’s Al Quds1 march, the Iranian-inspired day calling for the destruction of Israel, one speaker perversely blamed the tragic West London fire on ‘Zionists’.2

And having failed to give a clear lead on so many ethical issues, the UK Government’s moral backbone is once more being tested – this time on the crucial issue of whether or not we will stand with Israel in her time of need. Read More

Christian journalist shares the impact of his faith

July 27, 2017 |

Israel Focus meeting hosted by Jennifer Nevill, Longton Elim Church, Stoke on Trent, 22 June

Journalist and author Charles Gardner was on familiar ground when he was invited to speak to Christians about the impact of his faith on his career and his subsequent passion for Israel. Over 35 people attended, representing four local churches.

Originally from South Africa, he sensed the call of God on his life to become a journalist in his early twenties when he began working mainly in the secular media until his retirement a few years ago. Read More

Gardner’s World June – July 2017

June 3, 2017 |

Gardner's world

Peers call for Palestine recognition

But British Government refuses to apologise over Balfour Declaration

by Charles Gardner

British politicians are once again demonstrating the moral confusion that has seen them pass so many laws contradicting the biblical precepts upon which our civilisation was based.

The latest example is the suggestion from an influential House of Lords committee that the UK Government recognise a new state of Palestine. Read More

Welby optimistic on Israel visit

June 1, 2017 |

Justin Welby described his 12-day-trip to Israel as a “pastoral pilgrimage”

The Archbishop of Canterbury told Israeli and Palestinian leaders in May that he believes there’s a window of opportunity for peace. Justin Welby said: “It does seem, listening to many, that… Perhaps there is a moment of opportunity coming that may not repeat itself for a while.” Read More

Syrians treated in Israeli hospital

March 30, 2017 |

The BBC broadcast a report by Tim Samuels of how he spent a night at an Israeli hospital staffed by Jewish, Muslim and Druze medics that is treating wounded Syrians, both soldiers and civilians, who cannot get the treatment they … Read More


March 30, 2017 |

The British government has made an unprecedented statement against the United Nations Human Rights Council after the latest vote condemning Israel.

The UK issued a statement putting the council “on notice” over its bias against Israel, threatening to vote against … Read More


March 30, 2017 |

The tragic ship Exodus

By Jennifer Nevill

About 50 people travelled from far and wide to Little Stoke, Bristol to learn and to pray about various events relating to the history of Britain and Israel which will be commemorated in 2017.

In July and September in Haifa, Israel,70 years on, those Holocaust survivors who were on board the Exodus ship 1947 and their families will be remembering the historic and traumatic events relating to the ship. British Christians are invited to participate in these commemorations as an act of repentance for what our nation did.   Read More

Gardner’s World April – May 2017

March 30, 2017 |

Israel – butt of a sick joke

By Charles Gardner

Confusion reigns as facts are lost in a fog of fiction

There is a tired old joke among journalists about never letting the facts get in the way of a … Read More