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HEART newspaper: Heart Publications | April 25, 2019

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Labour Party suspension

The Labour Party’s West Midlands regional organiser Mohammed Yasin has been suspended for sharing anti-Semitic material blaming Jews for “all the wars in the world”. He has been writing anti-Semitic posts and 9/11 conspiracy theories for over two years.

However, Labour has reinstated another local politician despite numerous posts on her Facebook page showing her views are not just a one-off incident but a consistent viewpoint she holds.

Mary Bain Lockhart, a Scottish Labour councillor, was suspended in 2018 because of a single anti-Semitic Facebook post she made. Labour appears to have looked into it and allowed Lockhart back into the party, after giving her a warning about her behaviour. This January CUFI (Christians United for Israel) traced her other Facebook comments – and those that she ‘liked’ and concluded: “Unfortunately, Labour and media outlets may not be fully aware of the extent of her anti-Semitic views. Which, on Labour’s part, is shocking as they should have done a thorough investigation.”