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HEART newspaper: Heart Publications | April 22, 2018

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People and places

‘Voices of the Silenced’ not silenced

March 29, 2018 |

Janet is interviewed by film producer Mike Davidson


A LONDON CINEMA refused to show a Christian film just two days before its premiere.

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Vicar of Baghdad ‘led’ to Alderney Bible club

March 28, 2018 |

Canon Andrew White “can identify with the brokenness on our tiny island”

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JustOne ticket purchases soar

March 28, 2018 |

Kent churchgoers have been rushing to buy tickets for evangelist J John’s stadium outreach this summer.

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Pastor Mike battles for Britain

February 2, 2018 |

CLOSE TO where Spitfires once took off, a spiritual battle has been taking place.

Mike Bryant, leader of the Kingdom Revival ministry in Folkestone, lives in a house on the runway at

Hawkinge and says that God told him to … Read More

“Show your passport to read Bible aloud”

February 2, 2018 |

STREET PREACHER Roland Parsons was forbidden to read from the Gospel of Luke on Christmas Eve at Victoria Station.

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Marathon gran Michelle runs for needy children

February 2, 2018 |

GRANDPARENTS USUALLY baulk at the idea of going for a run, but youthful granny Michelle Wade, 54, is about to embark on her second marathon this summer.

Having run her first one last year in Rwanda, she will be running … Read More

‘Gentle giant’ was a humble role model

February 2, 2018 |

by Andrew Halloway


ENGLISH FOOTBALL lost more than a star when Cyrille Regis MBE died aged 59 in January. It lost a role model.

The ex-West Bromwich and Coventry forward won the FA Cup with Coventry in 1987 and … Read More

Pro-life heroine to marry

November 29, 2017 |

Happiness for Aisling after her legal ordeal

Last February we reported on the brave and lonely struggle of Aisling Hubert, the young woman landed with huge legal costs after the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) would not allow her to sue two doctors caught offering to abort unwanted baby girls.

Had the costs not been met, she could have faced prison.

HEART readers responded generously to the call to support Aisling and, along with donations from Christian Concern supporters, her costs were met.

But it turns out that Aisling’s battle, which began when she was just 21, was not as lonely
as supposed. Among those praying for her was Jake Goodison, a young man whom she had begun to think of as a best friend; now they are engaged and plan to marry next June. Read More

‘Disturbing’ graphic images outside abortion clinic

October 4, 2017 |

The pro-life education project, Abort67, sparked controversy again when they announced plans to show disturbing abortion victim photographs outside an abortion provider’s premises in Eastbourne.

Of the 200,000 abortions carried out in the UK each year, 489 were performed in … Read More

Fun and miracles in the Midlands

October 4, 2017 |

Miracles of healing and salvation were the order of the day when teams of Christians hit the streets of a West Midlands town

Legs grew and symptoms disappeared after prayer from members of various churches in Dudley, West Midlands.

The church members had come for evangelism training led by Ben Fitzgerald of Awakening Europe and hosted by Trevor and Sharon Baker of Revival Fires Church, Dudley. Read More