KfarAza-KibbutzKfarAza-Kibbutz where Hamas murdered over 80% of residents (Credit: CBN News YouTube screengrab)

The horrors of what actually took place when Hamas invaded Israel on 7 October are still emerging.

Seen in happier times, Doron’s husband Yoni was at home in central Israel while his wife took their daughters to visit their grandmother
Seen in happier times, Doron’s husband Yoni was at home in central Israel while his wife took their daughters to visit their grandmother (Credit: BrIng Them Home Now Project)
Yoni Asher
Yoni Asher, whose wife Doron and two young daughters (left) were kidnapped by Hamas, speaks at the European Union. His wife’s mother, Efrat Katz, has been found dead. Her partner, Gadi Mozes, also abducted, is missing (Credit: Living Lchaim YouTube)

by Andrew Halloway

It was widely reported that over 4,600 Israelis were injured and more than 1,400 were killed, but some of the most  gruesome details of the massacre of civilians have not been shown on mainstream media.

Mike Evans of the Jerusalem Prayer Team reports that in one village alone  180 people were killed and 80 per cent of them were tortured before they died. In one house, terrorists ate the Shabbat meal before killing the children in front of the parents.

According to the Christian Post, when first responder Eli Beer initially told others what he had witnessed as he arrived on the scene, he was met with mockery and jokes on social media – such was the disbelief.

Beer is a paramedic and founder of the medical volunteer group United Hatzalah, which has been helping victims of the Israel-Hamas war. During a speech in the US on 30 October, Beer said he wept at the barbarity, even though his job has made him well used to injuries and death.

Beer recalls seeing a dead baby that had been burned in an oven by Hamas. He also found a pregnant woman whose stomach had been cut open to tear her baby out. The baby was stabbed and then the woman was slaughtered in front of her family.

Raz, five and Aviv, three in their grandmother's safe room (Credit: BrIng Them Home Now Project)
Raz, five and Aviv, three in their grandmother’s safe room moments before they, along with their mother Doron, were snatched by terrorists

He also saw beheaded children: “We didn’t know which head belongs to which kid.”

Lior Peri
Lior Peri, whose 79-year-old father Chaim was kidnapped by Hamas (Credit: BrIng Them Home Now Project)

It was only after Israel released footage from the videos taken by Hamas terrorists themselves that the world’s journalists began to believe the atrocities. According to AP News, that footage includes a burnt baby, the beheading of a body and burnt bodies being thrown in a truck.

And it is clear that this barbarity was not the work of a few ‘rogue’ Hamas individuals. It was the clear intention of Hamas to kill as many as possible. A captured Hamas attacker has admitted that not only was he ordered to kill everyone, including women and children, he was also given permission to rape a dead girl.

Terrorists also told investigators that they were told to kill babies and young children – and were further given special dispensation within Islamic law – because they would grow up to become IDF soldiers. The terrorists were split up into groups and given specific tasks. They would not be told what other groups were doing to avoid the possibility of betraying Hamas’ master plan if captured.

He wept at the barbarity, even though his job has made him well used to injuries and death

Two of the captured terrorists confess (Credit: Bring Them Home Credit: i24News IDF)
The Regevs await news of their son Itay, 18, and daughter Maya, 21
The Regevs await news of their son Itay, 18, and daughter Maya, 21 (credit Bring Them Home project)

When US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was given access to film of the civilians killed by Hamas, he described the scenes as “depravity in the worst imaginable way…It’s beyond what anyone would ever want to imagine, much less actually see and, God forbid, experience. A baby, an infant, riddled with bullets. Soldiers beheaded. Young people burned alive in their cars or in their hideaway rooms.”

According to CNN, Hamas denies beheading children or murdering women. A senior spokesman for the group, Izzat al-Risheq, described the accusations as “fabricated and baseless allegations”.

Rescued soldier Ori Megidish is back with her family
Rescued soldier Ori Megidish is back with her family, after a daring commando raid by an elite unit dressed as Arabs stormed the apartment where she was held. Her mother, Margalit, who had led fervent prayer, said: “Thank you, creator of the world. There is nothing besides you. Thank you, Shin Bet [Israel Security Agency]. Thank you, IDF and security forces.”

Children training to fight for Hamas
Children training to fight for Hamas (Credit: i24News screengrab)


Politburo member admits they use ambulances to transport fighters and food

Rocket launcher near playground
Rocket launcher near playground
Hundreds of miles of tunnels found
Hundreds of miles of tunnels found

“Hamas’ goal is not to run Gaza and to bring it water and electricity and such,” says al-Hayya. “This battle was not because we wanted fuel or labourers,” he adds. “It did not seek to improve the situation in Gaza. This battle is to completely overthrow the situation.”

Hamas media consultant Taher El-Nounou told the paper. “I hope that the state of war with Israel will become permanent on all the borders, and that the Arab world will stand with us.”

Ammunition and suicide vests found
Ammunition and suicide vests found (Credit: i24News IDF)
Rocket launcher in scout troop room
Rocket launcher in scout troop room (Credit: i24News IDF)

A Hamas terrorist captured after the 7 October massacre admitted that the group uses ambulances to evacuate fighters: “Al-Qassam have their own ambulances, some of which are located on military bases. The ambulances look like civilian ambulances so they don’t arouse suspicions and are not attacked by Israel.

“During the fighting, the ambulances are used for things including evacuated wounded fighters. They are also used to deliver food, IEDs and weapons because it is a secure way to transfer those things.”


A powerful drug was found in the pockets of Hamas terrorists who participated in the attack against Israel

Hamas hiding drugs in fruit
Hamas hiding drugs in fruit
(Credit: Alamy.com)

A drug that makes fighters hyperactive and more merciless was reportedly found in the pockets of dead or captured Hamas terrorists who attacked Israel’s communities.

Bible teacher Amir Tsarfati reported that the drug, Captagon, called the “Jihad drug” was also used by Isis terrorists.

Captagon is an amphetamine (a stimulant drug that acts on the neurotransmitters) originally created in the 1960s in Germany to combat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and narcolepsy (sleeping disorder), while stimulating the central nervous system.

Most countries stopped using Captagon in 1986 due to its addictive properties and negative effects. But its popularity remains strong in the Middle East despite the drug being banned by Middle Eastern governments.

It is said to ‘break’ users mentally, making them more obedient and more addicted. It is given in particular before operations because it makes men more hyperactive, more cruel and merciless.

Irina Zuckerman, a geopolitical analyst, says that terrorist organisations use the drug to control the fighters.

“The main function of the drug is to increase the willingness to fight. And you can even see it from watching some of these terrorists, from their videos that they took with their body cameras, they seemed much more alert, and much more hyperactive.”

Terrorist organisations such as Hezbollah produce Captagon cheaply and easily and smuggle it through different ports. Experts believe most production takes place in Syria, where Captagon exports were estimated to be worth $3.5 billion in 2020.


Bedoin Girl
Credit: Daniel Schwammenthal (@Dschwammenthal)

An Arab Bedouin Israeli, Sophia Shramko, has slammed the apartheid slur directed against Israeli society.

Speaking to the media, she emphasised the transformative impact of Israel on her life.

“If not for Israel I would probably be illiterate, penniless, herding sheep. But I have an electrical engineering degree, I have a masters from Stanford University, and I have my rights to live my life the way I wanted to live it.”

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