Christians in Gaza are in danger and should be rescued at once.

Joel Rosenberg, a Messianic leader in Israel, has written an open letter to the Israeli government pleading for Christians to be urgently evacuated to the West Bank rather than heading to southern Gaza with the rest of the remaining north Gaza population.

As we went to press, the Christians were sheltering in Gaza’s three main churches.

Rosenberg wrote: “Christians in Gaza are in danger if they are evacuated to the south along with other Muslim civilians. The situation is becoming worse by the hour. They must not be moved south.

They must be evacuated to the West Bank immediately.

“Palestinians who love Jesus Christ and are called to follow Jesus are not members of Hamas or supporters of radical Islamist terrorism. They do not support the terror attacks on Israel. They just want to live in peace and be free to follow the Bible and love their neighbours.

They have seen the genocide that Isis launched against Christians in Iraq and Syria just a few years ago

“They are trapped in northern Gaza – amid all the bombings and gunfire – and have nowhere in Gaza to go that is safe. The policy of the IDF has understandably – and rightly – been to urge all Palestinians in and around Gaza City to flow to sanctuary areas in the south of the Gaza Strip where they will be safer from Israeli military operations, and have access to food, clean water, and medical care.

“But the situation for Palestinian Christians is very, very different to that of Palestinian Muslims. They are terrified of being forced to go south because they have seen the genocide that Isis launched against Christians in Iraq and Syria just a few years ago.

“Palestinian Christians are therefore terrified that they will be slaughtered and that their wives and daughters will be raped if they go south.”

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