Heart in Your Church

HEART OF SUSSEX is a proven outreach paper, with testimonies and stories celebrating the achievements of ‘ordinary’ Christians used by God.  As such it has been used successfully by Bible Colleges and churches and individuals to interest people in Christianity.  We would really appreciate your support of the vision to “see local believers UNIFIED AND STRENGTHENED in their outreach by sharing news and testimonies of what God is doing in our region.”

Can you help us continue to reach out into local churches and communities with this gospel-centred ministry by making an annual gift to Heart Publications?  And draw your congregation’s attention to the sign-up form with this letter and leave it out in church?

Currently we rely on local volunteer distributors to bring free papers to churches. But if you wish to support our vision we will post the papers to you every two months so you can be sure of getting the quantity you’d like, hot off the press, by the first Sunday of the month.  We can offer free p&p if your members will simply pay the cover price of 70p per paper = £4.20 a year each.

And as a thank you, your church will be listed with the other supporting churches and ministries on the back page of the paper.

We look forward to hearing from you, and do remember to share news!

Keep up to date with LOCAL Christian news and events and help us keep reaching into local communities and churches with a one-off annual payment of just £4.20.

For 8 or more subscribers.  (An individual postal subscription is £12.45 from April 2014.)

Download our subscription and standing order form to print and post to HEART