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HEART Christian newspaper | 25 October 2020

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Gay mob threatens to burn church

2 October 2020 |

By Andrew Halloway

When a Cornish pastor reported threats to burn his church down, instead of trying to find the culprits, Devon and Cornwall Police told him not to offend the gay community.

Pastor Josh Williamson of Newquay Baptist Church … Read More

Woman fired for sex ed views faces Employment Tribunal

2 October 2020 |

A Christian sacked for sharing her concerns about sex education was defended by the Christian Legal Centre at her Employment Tribunal in Bristol in September.

Kristie Higgs’ lawyers, who did not charge her for their work, argued that her sacking … Read More

BBC Radio allows Bible-based education to be praised

2 October 2020 |

By Tim Vince

Perhaps the need to keep children at home during the pandemic has softened the media’s usually negative attitude to Christian homeschooling.

Whatever the reason, in September there was a welcome change in the narrative.

I was given … Read More

The silent church

2 October 2020 |

With the threat of carol singing being banned this Christmas, why are the churches silent in days of great spiritual hunger in the nation? After all, the message of God’s great love and life-changing power is good news for everyone … Read More

Israel betrayed!

2 October 2020 |

Land rights treaty was hidden in archives while propaganda flourished

by Charles Gardner

The modern state of Israel has come to accept accusations of wickedness and endures opposition to its building programme as a way of life.

So nothing has … Read More

In Brief

2 October 2020 |

Terror group blamed for Beirut blast

Terrorist group Hezbollah has been widely blamed for the Beirut blast that devastated the city, killing hundreds and leaving 300,000 people homeless. Former Israeli intelligence officer Lt Col Sarit Zehavi said: “Any way … Read More

Anti-Semitism surges in pandemic

1 October 2020 |

Religious racism has predictably reappeared in a time of plague Mankind is in the middle of a crisis.

The perceived threat of a modern plague has intensified expressions of hatred in our society, so it is no surprise that Covid-19 … Read More

Clifford Hill’s latest book

1 October 2020 |

Beyond the Pandemic – is there any Word from the Lord?

is available from

Office mobile: 07759 042 315

Beyond the Pandemic provides a biblical view of the contemporary world situation. It focuses upon what the biblical prophets called … Read More

Prayer inspiration from Dunkirk and Daniel

1 October 2020 |


Download this free short film about the miracle of Dunkirk and how prayer brought the nation together and, when ready, use the prophet Daniel’s prayer below to bring our nation before the Judge of the Universe.


Pray … Read More

Signs of the end – by Tony Pearce

1 October 2020 |

We were saved from the worst at Chernobyl, but darker days are coming The other day I happened to turn on my TV to a channel showing the ‘Chernobyl’ film, a dramatic reconstruction of the nuclear disaster in communist Ukraine … Read More

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