Tima and Tope PearsonTim and Tope Pearson teach on discipleship

Do new church attendees really understand what praying the salvation prayer means for their lives?

By Tim and Tope Pearson

We have known people who put up their hand or came forward for an altar call, but never let it change their lives.

They attended church services, joined house groups but still had both feet in the world. This is why proper discipleship is so important.

Silence is crucial for hearing God’s whispers of comfort and direction

We believe that all religions other than Judaism and Christianity are false.

Those we disciple, who come from other religions, can be gently challenged with relevant Scriptures and by friendships with mature Christians who can ‘love them into the Kingdom’.

Seeking God, or an easy life?

The first step for any new or recommitted Christian is to establish a personal relationship with God, spending time getting to know the God who loves
you and Jesus who died for you. You also need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, the One who intercedes and communicates with you. Subsequently, you will need help establishing a routine that takes you on this journey.

Is Jesus really the only way to heaven?

Tima and Tope Pearson
Tim and Tope Pearson teach on discipleship

We have spent years on the streets reaching out to people with the Gospel and have met many who believe in a God of works. They say, “I am a good person. I have not stolen, hurt, or killed anyone, so I should go to heaven.”

Other religions that believe in earning salvation deny Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross. If there was another way, what was the point of our Saviour’s death and resurrection?

This is the foundational cornerstone of faith for all Christians: Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no-one comes to the Father, except though him (John 14:6).

Knowing how to pray

Communicating with God through prayer can be rather daunting for a new believer.

Tope says: “When I was first saved, a few women of God studied the Bible with me. I froze when asked to pray out loud and I could not imagine praying for five minutes. I thought I would run out of words! Now I could easily go on for five hours every day in God’s presence (Psalm 91:1-2). The only issue is, I have to work!”

Tim says: “After I became a Christian, aged 34, I struggled with the relationship with my heavenly Father because my relationship with my earthly father was not good.

“I struggled with the relationship with my heavenly Father because my elationship with my earthly father was not good”

But when I was filled with the Holy Spirit, it completely changed my relationship and prayer life. I now have direct and close communication with the God who loves me deeply, who saw me in my mother’s womb and who knows when I sit and when I rise (Psalm 139). Now prayer is a two-way conversation and it’s a joy to be in his presence.”

It is important to teach people that prayer is a two-way communication with our heavenly Creator. Many Christians miss the listening part of communicating with God; silence is crucial to hear God’s whispers of comfort and direction.

How about a new year’s resolution to make sure you – or your new church members – become a disciple and don’t remain a convert?

Tim and Tope Pearson are co-founders of Equipping the Saints Ministries (ETS), which equips mature believers to walk confidently alongside a new convert, or help those who need to grow in their faith journey. Find out more at etsministries.org.uk or call 01733 230 769

Tim and Tope Pearson teach on discipleship

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