A collection of Messianic Bible studies by Dr Arnold G Fruchtenbaum, a Bible teacher from a Messianic Jewish frame of reference. He is Founder and Director of Ariel Ministries (www.ariel.org).

Studied systematically (in proper order) each lesson builds upon the previous concepts to lay a Biblical foundation essential to the spiritual growth and maturity of the believer in Messiah Jesus. They will edify you in your personal devotion or small group Bible study.

The ultimate goal of this collection is for disciples of Yeshua – Jesus to grow in their faith and to live out their calling to make disciples, demonstrating with their lives and giving witness through their words the truth of the transforming power of The Living Word of God.

These studies are available free on-line at www.ariel.org in MP3 audio, Podcast and Adobe PDF formats. Printed manuscripts are also available if preferred or have no internet access, from Cyril Cannon on 01323 720528.

“If the Lord wills” (James 4:15) a Messianic Bible study fellowship will be launched in Eastbourne using this series as a foundation.