An attempt to highlight the Palestinian Authority’s grotesque pay-for-slay policy was initially censored by social media giant Twitter.

In thanking Prime Minister Boris Johnson in advance for his plan to stop funding the PA’s so-called Martyrs Fund, which pays salaries to terrorists (or their families), Jewish-Israeli tour guide Kay Wilson was silenced.

Her post included a photo of her life-threatening injuries after she was hacked with a machete in an attack that claimed the life of her friend, Kristine Luken, on 18 December, 2010.

A British-born author, jazz musician and cartoonist, Wilson was hiking with her friend when they were viciously attacked by two terrorists, stabbing Wilson 13 times and murdering Luken.

The terrorists receive a monthly salary of $3,000 funded by the UK government

As a ‘reward’ for their actions, she explained, they receive a monthly salary of $3,000 that is funded, indirectly, by the UK government’s overseas aid department.

Twitter deemed the post “gratuitous gore that can be harmful, especially if the content is posted with intent to delight in cruelty or for sadistic pleasure”.

But after news of this censorship got out, her account was reinstated.

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