Some time ago, I was approached in Worthing by vegans wearing animal masks and displaying graphic pictures of slaughtered animals.

I decided to ask them, “What is more important, the life of a calf, or an aborted foetus?”

Silence ensued. After some thought, the reply came: “I will have to think about that one.”

Statistics reveal that 207,000 abortions were performed in the UK in 2019. When pets and other animals suffer, the public response might be, “How sad. Something must be done to expose such cruelty.”

Yet how would people react if pictures of aborted human foetuses were displayed in a shopping precinct? With outrage? Would there be public disorder and arrests? And surely they would trigger guilt in those women who have had abortions and men who have demanded them?

Abortion does not discriminate against skin colour

The blanket coverage in the media regarding the tragic death of George Floyd has
activated protests calling for the exposure of injustices. These calls have directly challenged our own definitions of the sanctity of life.

Black lives do matter. Yet abortion has no racial boundaries and does not discriminate against skin colour, ethnicity or sex. If the baby is the ‘wrong’ sex, abortion disposes of her (it is usually a ‘her’).

Our hearts are moved by the many injustices in this world; yet what of justice for the precious unborn child? Does not their heart cry out, “I am alive, do not murder me”?

The memory of George Floyd will not be forgotten for many years, but will the black baby, who was never given life, or a voice, be remembered?

Black lives do matter; so do the millions of voiceless, unborn babies.

Christopher Barber

Worthing, West Sussex

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