Peter and Heather Candy are continuing their life of service in an African hospital

Retired missionaries who have lead a life of service would be forgiven for choosing the comfort of home and family in their retirement years.

However, Peter and Heather Candy, who worked for seven years with Missionary Aviation Fellowship in Tanzania and Sudan are leaving the security of the lovely village of Lindfield near Haywards Heath and are returning to Africa.

The couple, who have spent the last three years at Lee Abbey Community Hostel in London, will work in the Kagando Christian Hospital in Western Uganda in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, near to the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Peter has been appointed the Project administrator and Heather will work in the medical stores and in the guest house during the two year posting.

The hospital has 250 beds and serves 18,000 inpatients and 20,000 outpatients annually.

The Candy’s will work with two surgeons, two physicians as well as midwives, nurses, physiotherapists, anaesthetists and medical students.

The entire staff meet every morning at 8 o’clock in the Karudec Chapel to pray for their patients and local issues and to worship God.

Peter and Heather Candy are continuing their life of service in an African hospital

With thanks to John Mummery for forwarding this local news from his area. If YOU know of departing or arriving missionaries or ministers, please contact the editor via the contact form at


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