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HEART Christian newspaper | October 16, 2019

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Divorce bill dropped

September 28, 2019 |

A no-fault divorce bill was halted when parliament was suspended by the Prime Minister.

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill had not passed all its parliamentary stages before prorogation on 10 September.

The Christian Institute welcomed the outcome, but warned … Read More

Miracle baby 

September 28, 2019 |

A York mother who was told to abort her baby 14 times says her daughter is a “little miracle”. Doctors began pressuring Kiera Meldrum, 20, when her 20-week scan indicated a rare bowel disorder. But Lillee-Rose was born at 34 … Read More

The nightmare of living in a “haunted” house

September 28, 2019 |

Spooky sensations are often passed off as harmless Halloween fun, but for one family, the daily terror of living in a former medium’s house couldn’t have been more real. Mum Beryl warns, “Don’t dabble in the occult. If it wasn’t … Read More

BBC indoctrinates kids in gender ideology

September 28, 2019 |

A BBC resource for children tells them there are over 100 ‘gender identities’ and claims that is “really exciting”. Children are told that there are “over 100 gender identities now”

In ‘Understanding Sexual and Gender Identities’, a video produced by … Read More

New religious freedom envoy

September 28, 2019 |

The Prime Minister has appointed Rehman Chishti MP as the new Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief.

His brief includes the implementation of the recommendations in the report on persecuted Christians by the Bishop of Truro, which outgoing … Read More

Journalist slams secularism

September 28, 2019 |

Times columnist Melanie Phillips says the West is losing its values of freedom and tolerance because of its rejection of Christianity.

In an article in The Times on 10 September called ‘Is rampant secularism fuelling culture wars?’, Ms Phillips wrote … Read More

Science proves gay people are not ‘born this way’

September 28, 2019 |

A genetic analysis of almost half a million people has found some genetic factors that have a tiny influence on same-sex orientation – but concludes that there is no ‘gay gene’. Previous smaller-scale research has led to similar conclusions.

There … Read More

Harry Potter ban

September 28, 2019 |

A Catholic priest has removed the Harry Potter series from his parish school library because the books present magic “as both good and evil”. Father Dan Reehil of St Edward Church, Nashville, Tennessee claimed that “the curses and spells used… … Read More

Multi-faith committee launched

September 28, 2019 |

A document stating that “pluralism and diversity” of religions is “willed by God” will be implemented by a multi-faith ‘higher committee’ established in the United Arab Emirates in August. The ‘Human Fraternity’ document was signed by Pope Francis and a … Read More

A rebellious people

September 28, 2019 |

Yes, our ‘mother of parliaments’ has now become a laughing stock, but we can trace the cause to the spiritual vacuum in our state Church. The shutting down of parliament for five weeks at the end of the summer was … Read More

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