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HEART Christian newspaper | November 16, 2019

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Prayer points:

July 26, 2019 |

On a recent visit to the UK, Jerusalem-based prayer leader Chuck Cohen urged British Christians to pray as follows:

1) That anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism may not be allowed to rise into the leadership of this nation.

2) For Iranian Jews … Read More

$50 billion turned down

July 26, 2019 |

The Palestinian Authority is reported to have rejected a $50 billion incentive to make peace with Israel as the economic aspect of President Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ was unveiled.

The offer is in exchange for little more than accepting … Read More

Peace in the valley

July 26, 2019 |

Jews and Arabs in the Jordan Valley are enjoying excellent relations, according to its regional council head David Elhaiini. The Jewish settlements there are the only source of income for the Arab population, whose quality of life has dramatically improved … Read More

Buck-ing the Trend

July 26, 2019 |

A politician not known for being a supporter of Israel has thanked a constituent for drawing her attention to the abuse of children and civilians by terror group Hamas as part of a campaign by the Israel-Britain Alliance.

Referring to … Read More

The great delusion

July 26, 2019 |

Rebellion – not revival – is a key sign of the times

By Charles Gardner

 LONDON, July 5, 2019

 We are living in times foretold long ago. A time marked by rebellion, lawlessness, deception and fake news – all … Read More

China in chains

July 26, 2019 |

But its believers have found true freedom

By Charles Gardner

LONDON, June 21, 2019

Bearing in mind the brutality meted out against protestors as Hong Kong slips inexorably towards China’s orbit of control, we are reminded by author Kai … Read More

Anarchy in the home

July 26, 2019 |

Ugly domestic row casts political spotlight on the family

By Charles Gardner

LONDON, June 28, 2019

An ugly domestic row has served to throw light on a dark place politicians prefer to keep secret.

Our leaders have long argued … Read More

Terror plot cover-up

July 26, 2019 |

Further evidence of Britain’s betrayal of the Jews

By Charles Gardner

LONDON, June 14, 2019

Shortly after my harrowing visit to north London marred by a fatal stabbing outside the church where I spoke, my thoughts once again return … Read More

Life from the dead

July 26, 2019 |

Murder outside church points to fresh hope for London community

By Charles Gardner

 LONDON, June 11, 2019

A fatal stabbing took place just outside a north London church only days before I spoke there about Pentecost.

The young man’s family … Read More

War and peace

July 26, 2019 |

There is no panacea for those who refuse to face up to the truth

By Charles Gardner

 LONDON, June 7, 2019

Seventy-five years after the D-Day landings paved the way for Europe’s salvation from tyranny, its nations have once more … Read More

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