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HEART newspaper: Heart Publications | March 21, 2019

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Tough evangelists’ muddy mission

Tough evangelists’ muddy mission

Muddy for the Gospel: a team from the Great Commission Society will be tackling a Tough Mudder endurance course (Tony Anthony, Eric Reverence, Neil Obbard and Sidney Shepherd)

Four men will crawl under barbed wire to help teenagers ‘suffering in silence’

Wading through a quagmire, anyone? All for the sake of the Gospel!

Four evangelists will be tackling a five-mile muddy endurance course to raise funds for getting the Gospel into the UK’s secondary schools and colleges.

The Tough Mudder assault course will test their physical strength and mental grit with 13 military-style obstacles that include crawling through mud under barbed wire and scaling an inverted fence.

The intrepid team from the Great Commission Society (GCS) – Tony Anthony (CEO of GCS), Eric Reverence (worship leader), Neil Obbard (mission leader and author) and Sidney Shepherd (Head of Communications and Media) – are already working out in preparation for the South London event on 22 September.

Their £14,000 target will fund GCS’s unique Gospel programme which provides educational support and free literature for students struggling with issues like bullying, abuse, self-worth and mental health.

Having each experienced these issues first-hand, the team members use their
real-life stories to connect with the students. They present their message through fun lectures in subjects like Citizenship, Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Tony Anthony says: “We want to do Tough Mudder to honour the extraordinarily brave young people who are suffering in silence today and help them overcome their struggles.”

If you feel called to join them, Tony will send you a programme full of 100m jogs and burpees to get mud-fit.