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HEART newspaper: Heart Publications | February 21, 2018

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Death at the nativity

February 1, 2018 |

This little boy is wounded but is able to feel his mother’s reassuring hand after death came in the form of two Islamist suicide bombers to a nativity service

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Imprisoned heroine Asia honoured by MEPs

November 29, 2017 |

HEROINE: Asia Bibi languishes in prison but is now a nominee for the Sakharov Prize

A Christian woman who has been on death row in Pakistan for seven years has been honoured by the European Parliament.

Asia Bibi, the first … Read More

Persecution Watch Oct – Nov 2017

October 4, 2017 |

Rebuilding hope in Iraq

Christians are slowly returning to the town of Karamles in Iraq after Islamic State (ISIS) was ousted.

Over half of the houses in the town are either piles of rubble or completely burnt out, but 250 families have signed up to return. With the help of Christian charity Open Doors, 30 houses have so far been restored, with 20 more in the pipeline. However, the returnees get no help from the government. Read More

PERSECUTION WATCH Dec 2016 – Jan 2017

November 26, 2016 |

Campaigners to sue US government for failing to stop jihadist genocide

Appeal to Trump to stop genocide

Frustration over the Obama administration’s inaction over the mass murder of Christians has led the American Centre for Law and Justice (ACLJ) to sue the US government.

After a long campaign to win the term ‘genocide’ for the relentless slaughter of Christians, as reported in this paper, the ACLJ claims that the Obama Administration refuses to take action. Read More


September 29, 2016 |

Girl kidnapped by ISIS appears on Facebook

Two years after her abduction by ISIS, little Christine, whose kidnap we reported in HEART, is still missing – but hopes rose for her mother when her daughter’s photo appeared on Facebook.

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July 27, 2016 |

Homes, shops and churches destroyed in Lahore, Pakistan, as police look on. ©

3,000 more killed than in 2015 – and that doesn’t even include North Korea, Syria and Iraq

Global persecution of Christians has risen to around 100 million, according to Open Doors, the charity supporting persecuted Christians.

It also reveals that North Korea tops its World Watch List for the 14th consecutive year, as the most difficult place to be a Christian.

The Open Doors website ( says: “The persecution of Christians has increased… across every region in which Open Doors works… Religious extremism – Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist – is the greatest source of persecution of Christians.” Read More

Bounty put on head of Christian boy

June 7, 2016 |

It’s not just Christian men and women but children who have been imprisoned after being accused of blasphemy in Pakistan

A young Christian boy in Pakistan charged with blasphemy is now running for his life, as Muslim leaders have offered a $10,000 reward for his body. Read More


March 23, 2016 |

Pakistani Christians fleeing to Thailand from persecution by their Muslim countrymen have been harshly treated and imprisoned as illegal immigrants.

The men are shackled, mothers and children separated and the children frequently become ill in cramped detention centres. Read More


February 1, 2016 |

By Wilson Chowdhry

Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Organisation

A Christian beautician has been killed after she and two friends rebuked the advances of some young, allegedly drunk Muslim men from one of the elite areas of Lahore. Read More

Persecution Watch – Dec 2015 – Jan 2016

December 1, 2015 |

 by Chris Eyte

Mum of eight slain for Christ

Impassioned worship by Ugandan Christians Source: Jihadwatch

Husband lost his brother too and fears for his children but he refuses to stop sharing the love of Jesus Christ in eastern Uganda.

A MUM of eight in eastern Uganda was murdered by an Islamist mob when her husband converted to Christianity. Read More