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HEART newspaper: Heart Publications | May 22, 2018

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Death at the nativity - HEART newspaper: Heart Publications

Death at the nativity

This little boy is wounded but is able to feel his mother’s reassuring hand after death came in the form of two Islamist suicide bombers to a nativity service

Armed with guns and suicide vests, they killed nine people and wounded over 50 in a church packed with hundreds of worshippers just before Christmas.

Security forces killed one bomber at the entrance while the other was wounded and didn’t make it inside the main building; without their brave actions the death toll on 17 December in the Pakistani city of Quetta would have been far higher.

Quetta police are searching for two suspected accomplices who escaped. Islamic State claimed responsibility.

Only a few weeks previously a seven-year-old child was killed by a bomb at another Christian community in Quetta.

The British Pakistani Christian Association has set up an appeal to help the families affected.