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HEART newspaper: Heart Publications | February 19, 2019

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Christian music? – The man who says we’re still playing with fire

February 4, 2019 |

Pastor and professional musician Alex Robertson wrote a provocative book about the power of music over 20 years ago. He spoke to HEART about why Christians need to heed his warnings more than ever

When it comes to music in … Read More

The hidden power of music

February 4, 2019 |

A worship musician challenges our musical ‘experiences’

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God’s ‘end game’ strategy

February 4, 2019 |

What if we are already in a period like Noah’s, leading up to the final floodgates of fire being opened?

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“Possibly the most important book written so far this century”

November 24, 2018 |

The Reshaping of Britain Church and State since the 1960s A Personal Reflection by Clifford Hill

Wilberforce Publications

Available from Amazon and CLC bookshops

Two reviews of a landmark book tracing Britain’s spiritual and social history from the 1960s onwardsRead More

The gender hot potato

July 26, 2018 |

Clear-thinking academics give invaluable
ammunition for the battles to come

The New Normal: The Transgender Agenda

By Lisa Severine Nolland, Carys Moseley, Carlos D Flores et al

Wilberforce Publications

ISBN: 978-0-9956832-5-9

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How to tell strangers about Jesus

July 26, 2018 |

Witty and gripping adventures with the Holy Spirit

Shout it from the Housetops

By John Wright

The Branch Press

ISBN 978-0-9528865-1-8

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The Bible was reading me!

May 26, 2018 |

Joy Rockwood-Suwalsky’s autobiography is full of practical examples of God’s guidance and provision in everyday life

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The unseen force behind political correctness

May 26, 2018 |

Exposing the sinister ideology behind the West’s current cultural “madness” – and how to respond


Into the Lion’s Den: Reaching a World Gone Mad

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Charismatics and evangelicals: a very long engagement

March 26, 2018 |

Word and Spirit Together: Uniting Charismatics and Evangelicals

by David Pawson

Published by Terra Nova, available from Anchor Recordings Ltd

Renowned Bible teacher David Pawson wrote a book on the need for charismatics and evangelicals to unite a quarter of a century ago. He still believes that the ‘marriage’ of Word and Spirit in our churches has yet to happen

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God speaks through Hurricanes

November 29, 2017 |

by Daniel Harrison

HurricaneRickfords Hill Publishing

ISBN 978-1-905044-16-0

Review by Rev Philip Foster

It was CS Lewis who wrote that pain is God’s megaphone. In this book we are reminded that natural disasters are God’s air raid warnings for the nations.

This book should (I am tempted to write, must) be read by every committed Christian.  It is a call to arms for evangelism, but evangelism that is God centred and Bible centred, not the milk and water ‘sharing’ of a far too sweetened Gospel tailored to meet modern sensibilities.

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